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Michael Rapaport
Michael Rapaport
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His name is Michael Rapaport aka The Gringo Mandingo aka The Jewish Brad Pitt aka Captain Colitis aka The Disruptive Warrior aka Mr. NY aka Mr. Nantucket is with Dean Collins aka The Young Shooter aka The Fake Kurt Cobain aka Deuce Collins aka Mr. Brazil aka Mr. L.A. & they are here to discuss: Having That Mamba Mentality, working out everyday, not being humble, Dean back on the dating scene with a one week anniversary & feet sucking, Dean getting surgery next week, comparing the careers of Brad Pitt vs. Leonardo DiCaprio, Top 5 Brad Pitt movies & a whole lotta mo'! This episode is not to be missed!
EP49826 Oct 2018

EP 498 – Ben Baller (Jeweler/Baller)


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Michael Rapaport aka The Gringo Mandingo is is going solo for a smacker to discuss: Atypical Being Picked Up at Netflix for Season 3, Pipe Bombs Being Sent Around The Country & To Bob De Niro (Crossing The Line), John Mayer Being Off The Stickman List, Derek Carr Not Cursing & Crying/Amari Cooper Getting Traded, Doing Undisputed on FS1 with James Harrison & more, Andre Drummond vs. Joel Embiid & his flopping, Steph Curry & Kevin Durant vs. The Washington Wizards, Not Blaming Boogie Cousins for Signing with The Warriors, The NBA not being ruined, a Bohemian Rhapsody Review, Caitlyn Jenner Flip Flopping on President DTrump about the LGBQT Community & more. Then it’s an Honor & a Privilege to have Ben Baller back on the I AM RAPAPORT: STEREO PODCAST to discuss: Nick Turturro, The World Series, If he had to bet the Lambo on the Series, knowing Drake for 10 years, LeBron at the Staples Center Show, Chopping it Up Backstage with The Stars, Getting Shoulder Shrugged by LeBron & making him Look Crunchy, Being a Die Hard Laker fan, Rap Beef, Mr. Cartoon, Being involved in Drake vs. Pusha T, Diss Track History, Apologizing to Kim Kardashian, Yeezy Sneaker Values, Getting into beef with NBA Players Courtside & a whole lotta mo’! This episode is not to be missed!

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