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Michael Rapaport
Michael Rapaport
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His name is Michael Rapaport aka The Gringo Mandingo aka The Jewish Brad Pitt aka Captain Colitis aka The Disruptive Warrior aka Mr. NY aka Mr. Nantucket is with Dean Collins aka The Young Shooter aka The Fake Kurt Cobain aka Deuce Collins aka Mr. Brazil aka Mr. L.A. & they are here to discuss: Having That Mamba Mentality, working out everyday, not being humble, Dean back on the dating scene with a one week anniversary & feet sucking, Dean getting surgery next week, comparing the careers of Brad Pitt vs. Leonardo DiCaprio, Top 5 Brad Pitt movies & a whole lotta mo'! This episode is not to be missed!
EP40430 Mar 2018

EP 404 – Dennis Paige (Slam Magazine Founder)


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The Gringo Mandingo aka Michael Rapaport & The Young Shooter aka Dean Collins are together on set to discuss: An upcoming podcast with DJ Premier, men that Skeet Too Soon, Kelly Anne Conway’s Husband aka Georgie Conway, The Roseanne Reboot, Shaming Those Who Shame Ben Affleck, Laura Ingraham Gets That Willie Hutch Treatment, Sick F*cks of the Week & a whole lot more. Then it’s a tremendous honor to have Slam Magazine Founder & CEO Dennis Paige on the I AM RAPAPORT: STEREO PODCAST to discuss: Their Top 100 Player Edition, Who voted on this list, who got #1, Being old enough to watch Wilt, Which older players could play today, SLAM covers with Allen Iverson, Marbury & KG, LeBron, Telfair & more, Players with the most covers, Biggest regrets, The 1996 Rookie Cover, How players feel about the Slam Magazine, their different channels & 1st All Star Game, High School Players to look out for, Lottery Pick Predictions & a whole lotta mo’! This episode is not to be missed! All Butter Soft T’s are at: www.districtlines.com/iamrapaport. Michael’s Book and Audio Book is available at www.ThisBookHasBalls.com.

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