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Ben Baller
Ben Baller
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His name is Ben Baller not Ben Humble & this is a Business Podcast. World Renowned Jeweler to the Stars, Hottest Baseball Card Designer in the Hobby, Former Music Executive, Entrepreneur, Family Man & Trash Talker Extraordinaire is now on the microphone bi-weekly where he belongs. The CEO & Founder of IF & Co. Custom Jewelry provides deep insights as to who he really is and to who his listeners could be. Joined by celebrity guests or performing solo, new episodes are released every Monday & Thursday at 3 PM EST/12 PM PST as well as Emergency episode content whenever the mood strikes. Produced by DBPodcasts.com
EP4023 Dec 2019

EP 40 – Business of HYPE

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BBP Army we are you coming to you live from The Bay! Ben opens it up top by thanking Jeff Staple & HypeBeast for this opportunity, Seahawks losing to Cardinals & dealing with injuries, The upcoming showdown vs. 49ers & more. 

You’ve heard the legend Jeff Staple on Behind The Baller Podcast with Ben Baller. Now hear Ben Baller on Business of HYPE.

Jeweler of the stars Ben Baller recounts his humbling rise from his moniker’s hardwood origins to multi-millionaire status hot on the heels of retirement…if his entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t spark yet another career metamorphosis, that is. Listen in and learn more about Ben’s time as Dr. Dre’s head of A&R, what led him to peddling drugs and sneakers, how he deals with fame, and being the mentor the younger generation of hustlers need.

As always, thank you for tuning into HYPEBEAST Radio and Business of HYPE. Please don’t forget to rate, comment and subscribe to our other shows MIC/LINE, The Anthropology, The HYPE Report and HYPETALKS. 

Then brings it back for the outro to discuss: Christmas presents & the kids, a Documentary recommendation, driving up to The Bay & having an anxiety attack, being in the bay all week, Merry Christmas & more. 

Enjoy: https://hypebeast.com/radio 

Feel free to hit Jeff on Twitter, @jeffstaple, or via email at questions@businessofhype.com, and he may answer your question on a future episode. Make sure to also check out Behind the Baller Podcast with Ben Baller, available wherever you get your podcasts.


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