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Michael Rapaport
Michael Rapaport
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His name is Michael Rapaport aka The Gringo Mandingo aka The Jewish Brad Pitt aka Captain Colitis aka The Disruptive Warrior aka Mr. NY aka Mr. Nantucket is with Dean Collins aka The Young Shooter aka The Fake Kurt Cobain aka Deuce Collins aka Mr. Brazil aka Mr. L.A. & they are here to discuss: Having That Mamba Mentality, working out everyday, not being humble, Dean back on the dating scene with a one week anniversary & feet sucking, Dean getting surgery next week, comparing the careers of Brad Pitt vs. Leonardo DiCaprio, Top 5 Brad Pitt movies & a whole lotta mo'! This episode is not to be missed!
EP39714 Mar 2018

EP 397 – David Fizdale (2x World Champion NBA Coach/ESPN Analyst)


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The Gate Keepers of Disruptive Behavior aka The Disco 2 aka Michael Rapaport & Gerald Moody (2:12) are here to bring things back to basics and Hard Body Karate to discuss: The Changes in the NFL thus far, Students Across the U.S. Stage A Walkout, Tupac’s Me Against The World Album Turning 23, Turmoil in the White House, Sick F*cks of the Week & more. Then former 2x World Champion NBA Coach/ESPN Analyst (44:23) joins Michael Rapaport on the I AM RAPAPORT: STEREO PODCAST to discuss: Being Assistant Coach in Miami for the Miami Heatles, “Speaking Coach to a Player and speaking Player to a Coach”, Going Viral whole coaching Memphis in the Playoffs, Coaching for 21 years straight, Watching different coaches offensive systems, The Evolution of Basketball, Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, The Pressure and Competing to Win The Championship, Waking up after winning the Championship, Coaching career, Erik Spolestra, Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce, Jason Kidd, All Time Trash Talkers, the League being filled with a Generation of Non-Communicators, The Out-GoonYou Squad & a whole lotta mo’! This episode is not to be missed! All Butter Disruptive Behavior Soft T’s are at: www.districtlines.com/iamrapaport Plus a Rapapack Member GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/i-need-to-get-in-to-see-the-dr Michael’s Book and Audio Book is now available at www.ThisBookHasBalls.com.

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