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Michael Rapaport
Michael Rapaport
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His name is Michael Rapaport aka The Gringo Mandingo aka The Jewish Brad Pitt aka Captain Colitis aka The Disruptive Warrior aka Mr. NY aka Mr. Nantucket is with Dean Collins aka The Young Shooter aka The Fake Kurt Cobain aka Deuce Collins aka Mr. Brazil aka Mr. L.A. & they are here to discuss: Having That Mamba Mentality, working out everyday, not being humble, Dean back on the dating scene with a one week anniversary & feet sucking, Dean getting surgery next week, comparing the careers of Brad Pitt vs. Leonardo DiCaprio, Top 5 Brad Pitt movies & a whole lotta mo'! This episode is not to be missed!
EP36019 Dec 2017


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It’s a tremendous honor to have Boston Celtics NBA Champion Small Forward & TV Commentator Brian Scalabrine (Nets, Bulls, Celtics) aka The White Mamba (50:18-1:20:23) with Michael Rapaport aka White Mike on the I AM RAPAPORT: STEREO PODCAST to discuss: The Big 3 & Getting Paul Pierce on his team (52:07), going out together in Boston (53:48), the Gordon Hayward Effect (57:12), watching Kyrie Irving nightly & what makes him different (58:21), LeBron & Giannis being the best players that have come to play in Boston this year (1:00:34), The Knicks this Season (1:03:18) Charles Oakley (1:04:42), the Big Man in today’s NBA (1:07:05), his favorite player to watch in the NBA (1:09:22), the NBA Rookies that he’s seen this year (1:10:43), playing with Jason Kidd & Derrick Rose (1:13:16), the hardest players to guard in the post (1:15:35), playing with Michael Jordan at a Summer Camp for a week (1:16:57), The best player in the MJ, Kobe & LeBron comparison (1:19:04) & more.Before we get into this classic conversation, The Gringo Mandingo aka The Dingo (Michael Rapaport) has some solo things to discuss: The Howard Stern Snow Fantasy Football League (1:47), Kobe Bean Bryant having his Numbers retired (7:00), ESPN President John “The Ripper” Skipper stepping down and Dan Le Batard’s CRYing reaction on air (9:58). Then 3Moneti aka The 3 Time Podcast Co-Host of the Year (Gerald Moody) joins the program rough, rugged and raw (25:27) to discuss: Twitter Tales (27:51), Being In Boston with Brian Scalabrine for Jazz vs. Celtics (29:20), Roy Moore (34:40), Keaton Jones GoFundMe Hustle (36:15), Black Thought & a Roots Documentary (37:57), BALL in The Family: Lonzo Ball at MSG, LaMelo Ball’s Response to Michael’s Video Rant & The Lonzo/LeBron conversation, Charles Barkley on Lavar Ball (1:21:52), Supreme Gear in the NBA (1:35:41), Sick F*cks of the Week (1:38:46) & a whole lotta mo’! This episode is not to be missed! Michael’s Book and Audio Book is now available at www.ThisBookHasBalls.com. All Butter Soft T’s are at: https://store.barstoolsports.com/collections/michael-rapaport. Follow us on Twitter: @MichaelRapaport, @GeraldMoody1560, @iamrapaport, @MilesMDavis, @MrJordanWinter, @BarstoolSports. Follow us on Instagram:@MichaelRapaport, @GMoneti, @iamrapaportpodcast, @MilesMDavis, @JWinter3, @BarstoolSports. Subscribe to the I Am Rapaport: Stereo Podcast on iTunes at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/i-am-rapaport-stereo-podcast/id923017367?mt=2. Non iTunes users: http://tun.in/pg3ct

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