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Ben Baller
Ben Baller
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His name is Ben Baller not Ben Humble & this is a Business Podcast. World Renowned Jeweler to the Stars, Hottest Baseball Card Designer in the Hobby, Former Music Executive, Entrepreneur, Family Man & Trash Talker Extraordinaire is now on the microphone bi-weekly where he belongs. The CEO & Founder of IF & Co. Custom Jewelry provides deep insights as to who he really is and to who his listeners could be. Joined by celebrity guests or performing solo, new episodes are released every Monday & Thursday at 3 PM EST/12 PM PST as well as Emergency episode content whenever the mood strikes. Produced by DBPodcasts.com
EP1910 Oct 2019

EP 19 – George Lopez (Actor/Comedian)

Being at Dodgers GAME 5 NLDS, Back on The Jewelry Grind, NYC Next Week, Offensiveness in Comedy & more

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Ben Baller is getting right into it up top to discuss: The podcast only getting easier, going to see Dodgers Game 5 of NLDS, shoutout to BAPE, doing a car episode coming up, being back on the jewelry grind & making a piece for Tyler The Creator and Kid Cudi, Heading to NYC next week & more. Then it’s an honor & a privilege to have actor & comedian George Lopez, Behind The Baller with Ben Baller to discuss: George’s wax figure at Madame Tussauds, How Los Angeles has changed over the years, Great comedians today & Robin Harris, when he knew he wanted to be an entertainer, the first comedy club he ever performed in & the comics who were there, How his Mexican shaped his career, which comedians he looked up to when younger & raising money for a Richard Pryor in Peoria, His big break with Sandra Bullock & being a road comedian, the other comedians he came up with & meeting other celebrities, getting his star on The Walk of Fame, Low Rider by War, how The George Lopez Show changed his life, where the show played around the world that surprised him, being on a network TV show, The Comedy Get Down Tour & Charlie Murphy stories, Having Kidney Disease, Playing Golf with Donald Trump & he cheats, Visiting the shooting victims in El Paso, Inviting Ben to his stand up special in Washington D.C., stories that he’s never told, Recording another special in mid December, his yearly party, Favorite food restaurants in LA, Favorite cities to perform in & more. Then Ben Baller brings it back for the outro to discuss: When he started rocking with George, offensiveness & comedy, Going to the Dodgers vs. Nationals NLDS Game 5, Pre-Season Lakers & courtside tickets, Rams vs. 49ers, wanting you help people mentally, a story about making a grill for Amanda Bynes & a whole lot more. 

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